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Update April 23, 05

Yep nearly two years later, you can see an update! Whats new? Well first off the entire site has been redesigned to support the latest web standards and be far more attractive. The only page I couldn't save was the tutorial, but with the massive amounts of maps that people submitted (0) it probably doesnt hurt anyone being broken, and having poorly written html. At least the rest of the site is okay. Anyway absouletly nothing has been new with Pong Ultra as of late and it will probably stay that way for a long time. Thats not to say that there wont be any updates, just that they wont happen for a long time. And when it comes back it will be in version 2.x. The 1.x series is highly flawed and beyond saving, much like the tutorial. So enjoy the much cleaner looking site, and just for some random statistics, it can be safely estimated the Pong Ultra has officially exceeded 20, 000 downloads! Farewell until next update, hopefully in less then 2 years.

Update October 27,03

Some new stuff, Pong Ultra has been added to a few new websites, hence the new links on the awards page. Feel free to browse through them, and check them out, on the new awards page.

Update August 16,03

Wow, We got reccomended by Locker Gnome, which we give a big thanks to since all the team members spent a lot of time on the project, and we are very thankful that our hard work has not gone unnoticed! Once again, a big thanks from the entire Pong Ultra team!

Update August 16,03

Added the allegro banner network today, as you can tell from the image at the bottom of the page and Pong Ultra has now reached over 1000 downloads, from various places, as well as the download counter started working again(about time).

Update July 4,03

New map pack added, sports pack. Features 3 sport related maps with football, golf and basketball. Download it from the maps section. Hard Rock

Update June 15,03

This will probably be the last update for a while, Pong Ultra 1.1.1 is finished, with some bug fixes, new maps and other goodies.
Hard Rock

Update May 30,03

Finally, Pong Ultra is now officially released! This is not the final final stable version of Pong Ultra, we still have to add a few more maps and fix some bugs, but this is fully playable and the source code is available. Click on download to get it now! Also a list of all available files can be found here: Download List

First Update Feb 17/03

Alright, I finally got the website started, hopefully along when this is uploaded, Pong will be ready for download, but is driving me crazy trying to navigate it, but I think I'll manage. Shouldn't be to much of a problem. Well you can visit us by clicking on the top bar or visiting In the future I hope to manage to get a php posting style update system similar to the one I will put on my homepage. Site still does need a lot of tweaking, mainly the text on the site looks rather small, but everything shoild be ironed out eventually, granted I dont get bored to fast.... Also maps will be submitable, and the board will change to the green colours the site uses. Eventaully. But hey, I'm making progress here.
Hard Rock

Allegro Banner Network